Tasty Things Happen When You Invite Chimichurri Into Your Kitchen

5 August 2021
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If you are looking for a great way to dress up your meals, look no further than a chimichurri dipping sauce. Whether you are cooking a simple meal for yourself, your family, or for a dinner party, chimichurri will be a welcome addition to the table. Made with a perfect blend of olive oil, spices, red wine vinegar, fresh herbs, and garlic, chimichurri will complement a wide variety of foods.

Chimichurri as a dip

If you are looking for a tasty afterschool snack for the kids, serve chimichurri dipping sauce with cut-up vegetables, crackers, or pita chips. Not only will your kids love the rich flavor, but it may also just encourage them to eat more veggies. It also makes a great dip for regular or sweet potato fries, kabobs, or steak strips at the dinner table.

Chimichurri for basting

From the outdoor grill to the kitchen oven, chimichurri is a perfect basting sauce that will complement meats and vegetables well. Brush the flavorful sauce on steaks, pork chops, and chicken just before removing them from the grill. Drizzle over roasted meats a few minutes before removing them from the oven to give any meat a flavor boost.

Chimichurri as a dressing or sandwich spread

Wake up a boring salad by substituting chimichurri dipping sauce for your favorite bottled dressing. Chimichurri will enhance the flavors of any salad but is especially great on pasta salad. Dress up any sandwich by blending chimichurri with mayonnaise or butter and spreading it on your favorite bread.

Chimichurri as a topping

From breakfast to dinner, chimichurri dipping sauce can be used as a topping for many different foods. Use it to top scrambled eggs or as a condiment for sausage patties. Chimichurri is right at home with Mexican-style cuisine and works well as a topping on tacos or burritos but is also great to use on burgers or hotdogs in place of relish.

Chimichurri as a gift

For anyone who loves to cook, tuck a jar of chimichurri dipping sauce in a gift basket with a cookbook and a few cooking utensils. It also makes a great gift when given with a vegetable or deli tray along with a loaf of fresh bread.

Having plenty of Chimichurri dipping sauce on hand means you never have to settle for boring or bland food again. It is versatile enough to be the star of your next dinner party but equally at home on the everyday dinner table. From breakfast through dinner, chimichurri can dress up any food and will satisfy the taste buds of children and adults alike. Keep these ideas in mind when looking for chimichurri dipping sauce from businesses such as Cordoba Foods- Gaucho Ranch Foods.