Keeping Your Healthy Sauerkraut Habit Fun And Interesting

16 March 2022
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Eating sauerkraut can be a really healthy habit. Sauerkraut can improve your gut biome, give you a great source of vitamins, and add some fiber to your diet. But unfortunately, eating sauerkraut for your health every day can get boring. Luckily, you have the power to change things up! Here are some ways to make your sauerkraut more unique and enjoyable so you're more motivated to enjoy it on a regular basis. 

Add Other Seeds and Seasonings

Caraway seeds are the classic addition to sauerkraut. However, you can always change up the recipe by adding some other seasonings or seeds. If you want to make spicy sauerkraut, try adding a spoonful of dried jalapeno peppers. Or, you could add a couple of peppercorns to the mix. A little goes a long way with each of these additions. Other seeds you could stir in for milder flavor include sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and coriander seeds. Most of these seeds are good sources of minerals, so they add to the health benefits of the kraut.

Stir in Some Dill

Fresh dill is a really tasty herb. It has a pungent flavor, but one that pairs really well with the flavors of classic sauerkraut. If you enjoy the flavor of dill pickles, then you'll probably love dill sauerkraut, too. You can simply place a few whole sprigs of dill in the jar with your kraut before you ferment it. Or, for an even stronger dill flavor, you could chop up a few teaspoons of dill and put those in the mixture. Dill is rich in vitamin C, which makes it a good herb to add to your sauerkraut.

Add Some Celery Root

Celery root is, as the name suggests, the root of the celery plant. It has a starchy texture, but also a mild flavor of celery. You can grate it or cut it into tiny matchsticks, and then stir those pieces into your kraut. It will add a pungent, little bite of flavor to the dish along with a delicious crunch. Celery root is a good source of fiber for your healthy kraut habit.

Stir in Garlic

Oh, garlic. You either love it and can't get enough of it, or you don't care for it at all. If you love garlic, then adding a little to your sauerkraut will give it a unique character. You really only need a clove or two per recipe of sauerkraut. It sweetens and mellows as it ferments, so your kraut won't be overpowered by it. The health benefits of garlic are endless. It can help combat infection, boost your immunity, and even ease chronic pain.

Changing up your sauerkraut recipe in one of the ways described above will help you create a unique and enjoyable dish. You can use it on sandwiches, eat it as a side dish, or even stir it into soups.  

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