Turn Your Basement Into A Beer Lovers’ Paradise

2 November 2016
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With craft beer becoming ever more popular in the United States, beer drinking has become as much a hobby as a way to indulge the taste buds. If you and your friends are among those who enjoy a carefully brewed IPA or a expertly crafted chocolate stout, why not transform your basement into a place that supports this hobby? Here are some tips and ideas to get you started. Install a draft beer system. Read More 

Six Important Things To Know Before Using Caffeine To Improve Distance Running

26 August 2016
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Caffeine can be highly effective at giving distance runners a much needed energy boost before or during a race. However, runners need to do their research to use caffeine the right way. The following are six things distance runners should be aware of before using caffeine to enhance their race day performance: Caffeine can improve performance by stimulating the nervous system and encouraging your body to burn fat. Caffeine is a stimulant, and it stimulates the nervous system in such away that it makes muscles contract more effectively and efficiently. Read More 

The Health Benefits Of Fresh Goat Cheese

25 August 2015
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As a cheese lover, you go out of your way to find interesting and delicious cheeses from different sources. A world with only cheddar in it is a boring one, indeed. Maybe you've explored varying cheese regions of the grocery store, and ventured past cow's milk cheese. Your local specialty foods store may carry fresh goat cheese from a nearby farm. If you've never tried it before, make goat cheese a regular part of your diet. Read More 

Preparing A Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak

11 August 2015
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Wagyu beef is a delicacy enjoyed by many, due to the marbling texture of the muscle and fat within. There is a distinct difference between the Wagyu breed's musculature, giving it an edge over other beef products when it comes to taste and texture. If you have decided to buy Wagyu beef for your restaurant or for personal cooking at home, you will need to pay close attention to cooking procedures to give your meal the best taste possible. Read More 

4 Common Ailments With Natural Treatment Options

24 June 2015
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Before you reach for the next over-the-counter product (OTC), consider trying one of the countless natural remedies that could be equally effective. As long as natural treatments do not interact with any of your current medications or medical conditions, you will feel better relying on natural treatments for minor ailments. Put Some Pep In Your Step Getting started in the morning or a decline in energy later in the day are common complaints that can reduce productivity and ruin your mood. Read More