3 Occasions Made Instantly Better By A Bottle Of Fine Champagne

15 April 2015
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If your only experiences with champagne come at New Year's and at the occasional birthday party, you might be underestimating the versatility of this bubbly drink, which can add to a huge array of different occasions. Here are three times when you might not think to buy a bottle of champagne, but when it's the perfect thing to punctuate the evening. 

The Big Game

Whether it be the Super Bowl, World Series, or your community softball team's championship, opening a bottle of champagne after a big win is a great way to celebrate an exceptional victory. While you might not get the champagne shower like in the big leagues, bringing some flutes and a bottle of your favorite champagne to the field for your championship game is a step and a half above Popsicles and beer, and it can make the game far more memorable. If you're hosting a viewing party, or even tailgating, breaking out the secret cooler of champagne is sure to take the celebration to the next level. 

The Casual Work Party

Like with a game viewing party, champagne is perfect for stepping it up a notch, even if it's for no particular reason. What most party goers will appreciate is that they didn't have to get dressed up in black tie to enjoy champagne with coworkers. Bringing champagne to the Friday evening work gathering is the perfect way to be the talk of the office once Monday rolls around. 

The Fourth of July

While champagne is often regarded as primarily a winter affair, enjoying a bottle while watching fireworks dance in the hot summer night is a rare and special pleasure. The Fourth of July is perfect for champagne because the holiday is often celebrated with parades and parties, both of which are greatly enhanced with some bubbly. Bonus points if your sparkling wine is domestic, and with the fantastic bottles coming out of wine powerhouse states like California, you'll have no problem finding a great-tasting American bottle. 

While the majority of people see champagne as stuck-up or only reserved for the most formal occasions, the reality is that this versatile drink can be "dressed down" with great success. Whether it's celebrating a big win, hanging out with coworkers, or enjoying a barbecue on Independence Day, a bottle of champagne is bound to make your party far more memorable even if it's among a small group of friends. Find a bottle from a company like Pacific Wine Merchants to liven up your next social gathering.