4 Common Ailments With Natural Treatment Options

24 June 2015
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Before you reach for the next over-the-counter product (OTC), consider trying one of the countless natural remedies that could be equally effective. As long as natural treatments do not interact with any of your current medications or medical conditions, you will feel better relying on natural treatments for minor ailments.

Put Some Pep In Your Step

Getting started in the morning or a decline in energy later in the day are common complaints that can reduce productivity and ruin your mood. Consider a cup of oolong tea as a supplement for coffee and energy drinks. Oolong tea naturally contains caffeine and you may find it is gentler on your stomach than other caffeinated beverages. Drink a cup of tea in the morning and at midday to give you an added boost to get through your day. Like other caffeinated beverages, limit your intake later in the day to prevent problems going to sleep.

Settle Your Stomach

Ginger is a common spice that also helps soothe an upset stomach. You can find ginger teas in most stores or purchase fresh ginger to make your own. If you are not accustomed to drinking ginger tea, you probably want to increase the amount of water you add since ginger can be spicy. Add a little natural sweetener, such as sugar or honey, for additional stomach soothing benefits.

Alleviate Constipation

The natural products you use for constipation depend on your current needs and goals. For quick relief of constipation, you might want to try Senna tea. Since Senna is a stimulant laxative, you do not want to use it long-term to help maintain regularity. In addition to the usual remedies for long-term constipation relief, such as incorporating more fiber and water into your diet, add peppermint or dandelion tea two to three times per week. Milder constipation remedies can help prevent the need for harsher laxatives.

Fight Back Against Headaches

Chamomile's soothing effects are not only effective for relaxing your muscles, but can help ease tension headaches. Since the taste of chamomile is mild, you will easily find it in tea preparations mixed with other flavors. If you suffer from migraines, you may want to try teas made from feverfew. Since feverfew can be difficult to find in standard tea preparations, you may need to purchase the dried herb in bulk from a reputable herbalist. Feverfew can also be helpful as preventative treatment if you experience frequent migraines.

When you are shopping for your next OTC remedy, check to see which natural products are available. You can improve some minor or infrequent problems with natural remedies. You may find incorporating herbs and spices into your life is easier and tastier than another dose of pills. For more information on the healing qualities in tea, contact a professional like My Fresh Tea.