The Health Benefits Of Fresh Goat Cheese

25 August 2015
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As a cheese lover, you go out of your way to find interesting and delicious cheeses from different sources. A world with only cheddar in it is a boring one, indeed. Maybe you've explored varying cheese regions of the grocery store, and ventured past cow's milk cheese. Your local specialty foods store may carry fresh goat cheese from a nearby farm. If you've never tried it before, make goat cheese a regular part of your diet. It has many health benefits that make the eating experience tasty and good for you, too. 

What are the health benefits of goat cheese? 

Easier to Digest - A lactose-intolerant cheese lover likely experiences tummy troubles after eating cheese. However, goat cheese is not as hard on the stomach as cow cheese. While both contain lactose, goat cheese has shorter fat molecules that make digestion easier. Better digestion means less gas, bloating, and pain. 

Lower Calories - Besides better digestion, goat cheese is good for your waistline. It's well-known that regular cheese is high in calories. But you can feel good about eating goat cheese, which is lower in calories than its cow's milk counterpart. Per ounce, goat cheese only provides 80 calories as opposed to 100 for cow cheese. 

High in Calcium - To get more calcium into your diet, try goat cheese. It has higher levels of calcium, which aid in vital body functions like blood pressure regulation, muscle contraction, and blood clotting. Not to mention, calcium makes bones and teeth strong. 

Vitamin Enriched - Besides calcium, goat cheese contains other vital nutrients to fuel your body and keep you healthy. Eat a serving of goat cheese for added protein, vitamins A & K, phosphorus, thiamin, and niacin.

Vitamin A keeps your skin and eyes in tip top shape. Vitamin K prevents heart disease and helps your blood clot properly. Phosphorus aids in kidney function and normal heartbeat, while thiamin turns carbohydrates into much-needed energy. Niacin lowers risks of Alzheimer's, type 1 diabetes, cataracts, and high cholesterol. 

Low in Sodium - When you enjoy cheese often, but need to lower sodium intake for health reasons, reach for goat cheese. It has much lower sodium per serving (65 mg as opposed to 170 mg), making it ideal for health-conscious cheese lovers. 

Buy goat cheese from a local grocery store (or specialty store if you want to try many flavors at once). Your body and taste buds will thank you. 

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