Turn Your Basement Into A Beer Lovers' Paradise

2 November 2016
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With craft beer becoming ever more popular in the United States, beer drinking has become as much a hobby as a way to indulge the taste buds. If you and your friends are among those who enjoy a carefully brewed IPA or a expertly crafted chocolate stout, why not transform your basement into a place that supports this hobby? Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

Install a draft beer system.

It's no secret that many great craft beers taste even better on draft than in the bottle. You might be able to find a used draft beer system listed on an auction or online garage sale site. Look under the "restaurant supplies" category. There are also small draft beer systems that are specifically intended for home use. If there's a closet in your basement, you can put a keg refrigerator in there and run the beer lines through a hole drilled in the closet door. Put your bar in front of the closet door, and you're golden. Contact a company like Perfect Pour Draft Beer Specialists for more information.

Invest in a glass-door fridge.

There's just something special about peering through a glass door to select your bottle. Plus, you won't be letting the cold air out every time someone opens the fridge to decide on a beer. Plus, most glass door beer fridges are designed to keep the temperature a little warmer than a standard fridge, so your beer won't be quite as cold. When you're buying good craft beer, this is important; keeping the beer slightly warmer allows you to enjoy a greater complexity of flavors.

Decorate with gear from local breweries.

Don't you wish you could remember more about all the brewery tours and brewpub visits you've partaken in? If you take a piece of memorabilia with you from each local brewery you visit, you can then use them to decorate your basement. Anything from a pint glass to a coaster will come in handy and will also add personality to the space.

Finish it off with some great drinking games.

Take some inspiration from the breweries and brew pubs that are putting giant Jenga games, board games, and chess boards out in their bar areas. Games like this give you something fun to do while you're enjoying a good craft beer with friends. Playing a game also keeps you off of your phones and gets you socializing in person a bit more, which is such a nice way to enjoy a good beer.