Creative Ways To Serve Caviar To Your Guests

2 September 2019
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If you've just bought some caviar online in anticipation of a dinner party with guests, you'll need to think about how you want to serve it. Whether you've purchased Russian osetra caviar online, or any other brand, there are many different ways of serving it, including topping certain foods with it for flavor, texture, and visual impact. However, caviar is also popular as an appetizer, commonly served alongside crackers so that people can spread the former on the latter. If you're taking this approach with your caviar, here are some creative ways to serve it.

In Its Can

One fun way to serve your caviar at your dinner engagement is simply in its can. The key to doing so is to have a shallow pan full of crushed ice and then position the can in the center. You'll need to remove a little bit of the ice below where you'll place the can so that it settles in nicely. You don't want to risk the open can sliding off the ice when you're carrying this tray across the house to where your guests are seated. There's definitely a visual quality to this type of preparation, but it's also one that is functional. The presence of the ice will keep the caviar very cold, which is the best way to serve it.

In A Chilled Dish

Another option for you to consider is to find a small dish that you enjoy using. If you're going to be serving a few different types of caviar, you can use a few different small dishes. Place them in the freezer until they're thoroughly chilled, and then remove them immediately before you're ready to serve your guests. Empty the contents of each tin of caviar into each of your chilled dishes, taking care to avoid handling the dishes more than necessary. Each time that you touch the dish with your bare hands, you'll heat it up.

In Half Oyster Shells

A really creative serving option for you to consider is to get your hands on a number of oyster shells. Perhaps you're planning to serve oysters to your guests. If so, keep the upper half of the shell that you remove before serving the oysters. Clean the shell thoroughly and then freeze it until it's very cold. Place each of these shells on a bed of crushed ice and then spoon a small amount of caviar into each of the shells before serving them with crackers.